Hajj Rewards – Journey of Lifetime

Hajj Rewards

Hajj is the 5th and most important pillar of Islam. Muslims consider it a journey of a lifetime. During Hajj Muslims do Tawaf around Makkah and perform the Islamic rituals. According to Prophet (SAW), Hajj is one of the 5 things upon which Islam has been built.

Every Muslim must perform Hajj atleast once in their whole lifetime. But there are some conditions to performing the Hajj. The person who is willing to perform Hajj must be physically and financially stable and reach the age of puberty.

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Here we will take a closer look at all these advantages and why Hajj is known as the journey of a Lifetime. So let’s start the discussion.

Hajj the Journey of Lifetime

Muslims are sent into this World to worship Allah and to follow the rules that He made. If Muslims follow these rules and remember Allah through their kind acts then they will get multiple advantages and rewards.

These rewards lead Muslims to paradise which is their final destination after this life. Therefore, all Muslims need to make a strong bond with Allah and follow all His rules. Hajj is the 5th pillar of Islam and all Muslims must perform Hajj atleast once in their lifetime.

It helps Muslims to get multiple rewards and remove their sins in a specific period. That’s why Hajj is known as the journey of a Lifetime. Here are some reasons why Muslims should perform Hajj.

  • It is the largest congregation of Muslims where pilgrims have an opportunity to interact with other Muslims of different races and nationalities
  • Hajj is the largest peace conference that promotes harmony and peace among common welfare and Muslims
  • Hajj focuses on the deep lessons of Islam which are equality and brotherhood among all Muslims in all aspects. During Hajj, pilgrims wear simple cloth and perform similar actions with the similar rules
  • It affirms the devotion and commitment of Muslims towards Allah. Muslims set aside their worldly interests for the sake of Allah and submit themselves to Allah’s service
  • Muslims follow the example of Prophet Ibrahim (AS) and his spirit to sacrifice all things for the sake of Allah
  • Hajj is the reminder of the Day of Judgment when all the people will be standing equally before Allah to be judged based on their bad and good deeds

Hajj Rewards

Muslims need to perform Hajj because of its numerous rewards. With one Hajj, Muslims can get rid of their bad habits and sins and can secure a place in Paradise in the afterlife.

So let’s have a look at the Hajj rewards and get the motivation to perform this lifetime journey.

  1. Forgiveness of Sins

People commit sins in their life both knowingly and unknowingly. No one has control over that but it is considered best to ask Allah for forgiveness. The best way to ask for forgiveness for all sins is to perform Hajj. This is because during Hajj people are restricted to perform all the actions that can enhance their sins. The magnitude of the Hajj reward is immense and it can remove all people’s sins.

  1. Achieving the Bounty of Paradise

The main goal of all Muslims in this temporary world is to attain paradise. Among many methods, Hajj is considered the best and easiest way to get a reward of Paradise. That’s why many Muslims struggle in their worldly life to do good deeds and get peace, happiness, and prosperity in return.

  1. Supplication Acceptance

By performing Hajj, Muslim Men and Women can get the reward of Allah accepting their supplications. When Muslims ask Allah’s forgiveness, He is indeed the most merciful and forgiving. If during Hajj, Muslims ask for forgiveness then He will surely respond.

  1. Well Balanced Life

During the period of Hajj, Allah listens to all supplications of pilgrims. While offering supplications during Hajj, pilgrims should ask Allah for the attainment of success in both this world and the hereafter and balanced life.

  1. Economic Benefits

In addition to getting eternal benefits during Hajj, Muslims also gain various worldly benefits. These benefits include the gain in economic well-being and engaging in lawful selling and buying.

  1. Attainment of Patience

Through Hajj, pilgrims can attain the virtue of patience. Pilgrims can easily develop a positive attribute of patience during the journey. In addition, the performing of multiple Hajj rituals and the remembrance of the sacrifices made by the Prophet Ibrahim for the sake of Allah are constant reminders of patience and tolerance. Muslims can practice these lessons in their everyday life easier and gain rewards. From all these rewards, it is clear that Hajj is not only compulsory for Muslims but it is also beneficial for them in numerous ways.

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