How effective is laser hair removal for new users

If you are fed up with unwanted hair, consider laser hair removal to get rid of unwanted hair permanently. Laser hair removal is now the safest and most permanent treatment to have hairless skin forever. It is the best treatment compared to waxing and shaving. Waxing and shaving have side effects and also give you temporary relief from unwanted hair. Moreover, laser hair removal has gone through a lot of advancement, ensuring this procedure’s safety.

In his blog, we will analyze the effectiveness of laser treatment for new users who have decided to take laser treatment.

Is laser treatment suitable for anyone?

Yes, laser treatment can be suitable for all skin types, but it gives much better results on skin with rich melanin properties. The pigment of the skin plays significant re in having effective results.

Most effective laser hair removal typically targets the skin and caters to people with dark hair and fair skin; it would become easy for the laser to target and cater to hair follicles due to pigment. It is the only difference that can halt the equally effective results of laser treatment.

The risk of laser-induced skin discoloration extends beyond having naturally deep skin tones. Taking a summer vacation or lounging poolside can leave your skin sun-kissed and discolored.

Moreover, after attending all the required sessions, the laser will halt 80% to 90% of hair growth. It will not assure 100% hair removal. To some extent, the hair growth will stay active.

How does the treatment work?

In laser hair removal treatment, focused light is used to induce the effect of beam light on the hair follicles. The light turns into heat, which affects hair growth and tries to slow down hair growth. There will be a fallout of the hair that is currently in those follicles. Laser treatments absorb pigment from your hair, not your skin, so the surrounding tissues are not damaged.

In how many sessions can you get results?

As everyone has different skin types and skin tones. For laser treatment, skin tone is an important factor. Moreover, the hair’s thickness also affects the treatment results. Based on the hair’s thickness, the treatment session will vary. However, the appropriate recommendation that typically produces effective results is 6 sessions.

Usually, experts suggest that 6 sessions are the perfect range of sessions. Thus, it is the usual range that works in most cases. We recommend at least 6 sessions to anyone looking for complete hair removal with long-lasting results.

Measuring the effectiveness of laser hair treatment

1.   Electrolysis treatment for permanent hair removal

2.   Remove hair from any body part.

3.   No side effects

4.   Painless hair removal method

5.   Cost-effective method

6.   You can try it on any part of the body.

●     Electrolysis treatment for permanent hair removal

Laser hair removal s effective for permanent hair removal, but there are various treatments under the umbrella of laser treatment. Out of these, only electrolysis is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for permanent hair removal. It drastically reduces hair growth that patients never experienced in any other laser treatment.

●     Remove hair from any body part

It is perfectly secure to remove hair from every part of the body because it is clinically proven and designed in accordance with the sensitivity of different parts of the body.

●     No side effects

Laser hair removal treatment till now has gone through a lot of developments to make it the most secure hair removal method. Thus, depending on the skin issues, you might have to come across problems such as if you have any medical issues, you might feel a bit of irritation or allergic issues. But again, it depends on medical issues of the skin. Otherwise, the laser treatment does not cause any harm or side effects to the skin.

●     Painless hair removal method

In most hair removal methods, pain is a common factor, but laser hair removal is a painless treatment to remove hair permanently. The light radiation can cause a slight burn on the upper surface of the skin. But this will last for a short period. Soon after applying a mild soothing gel, you will feel a pleasant effect on the treated area.

●     Cost-effective method

In waxing, shaving, and many other hair removal methods, the laser is a cost-saving method because it cost is one-time, and you will enjoy lifetime results. Although for waxing, your salon appointments will never stop. Thus, your expenses for hair removal will never stop and will keep increasing with time.

●     You can try it on any part of the body.

Laser treatment can be helpful in removing hair from any part of the body. The machine can get any part of the body and remove hair permanently. Moreover, the machine can cover large areas fast. There are virtually no limits to where you can get laser hair removal (if the laser you use is safe and effective for your skin tone and hair color, that is). Thus, no matter if it is your face, arms, legs, and underarms, it will leave perfectly equal results on any part of the body.

Which areas can you have laser treatment in?

Laser hair removal treatment can help you get rid of unwanted hair from any part of the body such as:

  • Legs
  • Arms
  • Underarms
  • Face
  • Bikini line
  • Chest
  • Back
  • Scalp

Laser treatment can cover any area of the body. Even those little tufts of hair on your toes can be removed! Eyebrows are the only area not covered by laser treatment.

How long will it take to complete one session?

Well, the treatment can vary on different factors, such as how large the area you want to get treatment. Moreover, how thick hair do you have? Most of the time, one session will take less than an hour to complete. Underarm and facial sessions can be done during your lunch hour with time to spare. If you have other concerns, consult Meridian Spa to enjoy sound hair removal treatment.




























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