Justin Bieber apologizes on Instagram for comment

Justin Bieber apologizes on Instagram for comment

Justin Bieber apologizes on Instagram and writes, “It’s been eating me up all day”

The pop singer Justin Bieber has apologized to someone for making a snide remark. The Grammy-winning singer, now 28, posted a statement on her Instagram Stories. ‘For some reason, I left a comment on a guy’s Facebook page,’ it said, “because he was doing something that I thought was stupid,” “Not completely sure why I felt the need to write that,” Justin Bieber reflected on his reaction. My opinion doesn’t matter as long as he’s doing what he enjoys the most.” “It’s been eating me up all day,” the singer continued, “hope it didn’t damage his feelings.” To the unnamed person, he apologized: “To the gentleman, I wrote it to the man I am sorry.”

Justin Bieber apologizes on Instagram

A couple of months after canceling a number of gigs from his Justice world tour due to his Ramsay Hunt Syndrome diagnosis, Justin Bieber has returned to the stage. When Justin Bieber posted a series of photos and videos from the concert, he commented, “I miss you all, and I love you all!”


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Diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt Syndrome in June, Justin Bieber claimed that he had suffered from partial facial paralysis. This was due to the condition. His nostril would not move when he smiled on the other side of his face, as evidenced in a video message he sent. As a result, this side of my face is completely paralyzed. Those of you who are disappointed that I have to cancel the upcoming gigs should know that it’s just not possible for me to do them due to my physical limitations.


During this time, Justin Bieber will embark on the Justice world tour, taking him to more than 30 countries. On October 18, the artist, formerly known as Peaches, will perform at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in New Delhi.


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