Nowadays Fashion Hacks Will Help You Save Money

fashion hacks to save money

All women agree that the pressure to look good all the time can be exhausting. Everything needs to be on point all the time. That includes your hair, your shoes, your makeup, and of course your clothes. Life is hard for a woman who has to jump out of bed at 6:30, shower, get ready, have breakfast, and arrive at work looking like a queen. And of course, all those cute outfits don’t come cheap. Luckily this blog can help you stretch your budget when it comes to fashion. Read on to find out more.

Saving Money With These 7 Fashion Hacks

Fashion can become a money trap if you aren’t careful. It’s easy to get obsessed with following the newest fashion trends and getting new ready to wear clothes every month. While there is nothing wrong with indulging yourself in something you like, it can wreak havoc with a carefully planned budget. However, the following fashion hacks can help you stretch your dollar to the maximum:

  1. Testing Foundation
  2. Cuff Your Pants
  3. Faux-Intricate Braid
  4. Heel Scratch Repair
  5. Wiping Flawed Eyeliner
  6. Wrinkle-Free Clothes
  7. Odor-Free Shoes

Let’s have a closer look at these tips below.

Testing Foundation

Girls, we are all guilty of testing out the foundation on our arms before applying it. But did you know there is a better and more efficient place to test your foundation? Your neck is where you want to test the color of your foundation and your neck is the color you want to match it to. A foundation that is darker or lighter than the color of your neck will make you look weird.

Cuff Your Pants

What’s the first thing people notice about you after your smile? That’s right! Your shoes are one of the most visible things about you. So it stands to reason that you would want to wear a good pair and show them off. One way to do this is to create a cuff on your pants, whether denim or cotton. In the warm weather, this can keep your feet cool and also show off your shoes to their advantage.

Faux-Intricate Beard

You don’t have to spend hours braiding your hair when you want to show off your locks. There is a very simple way to make it look like you are sporting an intricate braid without actually putting in too much effort. Braid two pigtails low on the back of your head. Secure these with hair ties and then add a discreet pair of bobby pins, pinning them together. The result is a quick look that appears as if you spent an hour on your hair.

Heel Scratch Repair

Heels can make or break an outfit. A sexy pair of heels can be just the thing to complement an elegant formal look just as well as a casual office party. The trouble is, our favorite heels begin to show signs of wear after a few weeks of action. But don’t worry, that does not mean you need to spring for a new pair. All you have to do is find a nail polish shade the same color as your heels. Apply it to visible cracks and scratches, let it dry, and watch how your heels turn brand new again.

Wiping Flawed Eyeliner

Eyeliner draws attention to your eyes and can accentuate your look more than any other type of makeup. However, it can be disastrous if you get your eyeliner wrong after spending all that time putting on the rest of your makeup. But don’t panic if you apply your eyeliner wrong. Simply dab the flaw with a makeup wipe. Once you are done with that, reapply your concealer and maybe a little powder. Good as new!

Wrinkle-Free Clothes

This tip can help you save time and energy you would otherwise spend ironing clothes. Imagine how much time you could save if you didn’t have to rush to iron your outfit every morning! The trick is to put your wrinkled clothes along with 2 ice cubes in the dryer. Spin for a few minutes and take out 100% wrinkle-free clothes when you’re done.

Odor-Free Shoes

Your favorite sneakers or pumps can start getting a bit smelly after you’ve been wearing them repeatedly. That can be a huge downer and a big embarrassment in public. Luckily, there is a fairly easy fix to bad shoe odor. Before you go to bed, place a tea bag inside both shoes. By the time you wake up the next morning, the tea bags will have eliminated the odor and your shoes will smell fresh again.

Of course, there is no reason for you to look like you’re in shambles just because you want to save money. You can wear your exotic pret designs and still save money without compromising on how you look. Follow the tips above to hack your fashion problems. Keep slaying!

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