The Motivational Cricketing Career Of Poonam Yadav

The Motivational Cricketing Career Of Poonam Yadav

Let’s openly talk about how devoted to cricket our nation is. However, Indian Women’s Cricket, which up until recently did not receive its fair amount of attention, is currently becoming more and more well-liked. The Indian women’s cricket team is inspiring the nation with its astounding performances and surprising triumphs. Poonam Yadav stands out among these cricketers as one particular name. And trust us when we say that the little bowler is an expert at confusing her opponents.

Poonam Yadav, born in Agra, in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India, on August 24, 1991, sports the number 24 for India Women. Raghuveer Yadav, a former army officer, and Munna Devi were the parents of Poonam.

She had always dressed like a male and preferred playing with boys in her neighborhood and school. Since she was always active, she never really cared about her wounds, scars, or markings. She was very young when she first became interested in cricket.

Initial difficulties Poonam Yadav faced:

She would go to the stadiums to play when she was eight years old. But shortly, her father forbade her from going further owing to social pressure and other factors. She once left the house without her father’s consent to go to the stadium, where she met with her parents with the help of her coach, Hemlatha Kala. After being persuaded of Poonam’s playing prowess by the previous selector of the Indian women’s cricket team, he never again interfered with her playing. She encountered a lot of “sexism” from all sides in the external world despite the backing of her family. People in the area would remark on how a female could play cricket or arrive home late. She ignored the criticism, though, and kept her emphasis solely on her dream.

The journey is chosen by her to reach Indian Railways:

She was soon chosen for the Central Zone national team. She later joined the Uttar Pradesh squad, and she currently plays for Railways in domestic cricket. Around 2009–10, while she was playing for Uttar Pradesh, her performance suffered drastically, and she was on the verge of giving up cricket. She was able to regain her confidence thanks to her coaches. She claimed that joining the Railways was a turning point in her life since it let her drastically develop her game. She never went back after that. And would always keep an eye on every domestic match live score for inspiration, especially as a spinner. 

Poonam Yadav: The unpredictable Wizard

She was interested in various sports, but none of them suited her diminutive stature as well as cricket, which turned out to be a blessing in disguise. She gained the ability to place the ball extremely close to the batter thanks to her special talent, and she eventually became a highly adept leg-spinner. The batsmen are enticed to leave the crease while she is being played, and they typically finish up being stumped behind the stumps. Because of this, a substantial portion of her wickets is obtained by stumpings. On April 5, 2013, she played in her first T20 match against Bangladesh, and 7 days later, on April 12, 2013, Poonam made her ODI debut. She only participated in one international Test match, which took place against South Africa on November 16, 2014.

Who Poonam Yadav trusts most

Her go-to players on the Indian squad are Jhulan Goswami, Harmanpreet Kaur, and Mithali Raj. She especially thanks Mithali Raj for constantly advising her on what to do and how to bowl to a certain player or in a stressful moment. 

The dream-come-true moments for Poonam Yadav

Her exceptional performance versus Sri Lanka was among the pinnacles of her cricket career. She was chosen for the 2017 Women’s World Cup. She experienced two “Dream-come-True” moments: playing in the World Cup’s final at Lord’s and visiting Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi after the competition.

Poonam Yadav, recipient of the Arjuna award

In the year 2018 ICC Women’s T20 Cup, she shared the lead with another player for India in wickets taken. She surpassed her seasoned older teammate Jhulan Goswami to become India’s greatest wicket-taker in T20 Internationals in September 2018. She is also the sole front-line bowler for India who has participated in each T20 game this year.

Some Interesting facts about Poonam Yadav are as follows:

  • Up until June 2017, Poonam stumped right-handed batters for 30% of her ODI wickets and 20% of her T20I wickets.
  • Poonam enjoys listening to music when she has time.
  • Poonam has an extremely demure nature, and everyone who speaks to her can tell that she is humble. She never hesitates to speak with fans or members of the media, and her interactions always have a free-flowing vibe.

All about her bowling style!

Poonam is renowned for her bafflingly sluggish and loopy deliveries that confuse hitters. Additionally, because of her height, she has a low release point, yet she typically delivers above the batter’s eye level. Given that hitters are rarely able to predict the exact delivery, her height helps keep them on their toes. Poonam’s ability to bowl in this manner has helped her earn a spot in the starting eleven. She continually refines her technique, and she can now bowl quicker googlies extremely effectively.

Poonam has benefited greatly from Ramesh Powar’s leadership, the head coach who is also a spinner. She is experimenting with various methods, which is allowing her repertory to grow.

Way Forward

Poonam has been the only front-line spinner who has played in each of India’s T20 games this season. This further demonstrates how important Poonam is to the team. Her consistently strong play has allowed her to have an astounding strike rate of 15.5 in Twenty20 this season. She is one of the Women’s World T20 World Cup’s most useful players this year tires online UAE

Although the voyage hasn’t been easy sailing, when is it? Isn’t it about how you approach every challenge that comes your way? Poonam’s life narrative places a strong emphasis on persistently working hard and seeking strength in your flaws. 

With the assistance of Poonam’s coach, she persuaded her father to allow her to play, made the most of her small stature as a strength, silenced the doubters with stellar performances, and is still working hard to realize her ambition. Genuinely inspirational!

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