Top 7 Myths about a Private Jet: Are they believable?

Top 7 Myths about a Private Jet

With the recent progression of the private jet charter in Saudi Arabia and other states, we can’t help but build a perception of fortune and prestige among the passengers. And since getting onboard a private jet isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, it implies that most of the information we receive doesn’t come from experience but from word of mouth. That’s precisely where the misconceptions step in.

Myths refer to anything that isn’t backed up by facts. Whether it’s due to the growing prosperity of private jets or the affordability factor, they help spread falsehood in the community, therefore, confusing the consumers. 

The fact that these planes are mostly booked for tourism, business trips, and celebrities implies that it’s only an affair of wealthy travellers. Besides this, many other myths people often attach to the private jet. Lets’ determine them below.

Myth # 1- Only Millionaires can travel in Private Jets

The charter myth that says only millionaires can travel in private jets has increased because we often witness it in movies and TV series. However, the truth is that no one needs to be super-rich to hop on these flights. Previously, the luxurious interior and high-tech exteriors justified the myth, but the arrival of affordable luxury allows almost everyone to get on board. People believe what they see, yet they’ll laugh this off after getting onboard as it’s not overly expensive.

Myth # 2- Private Jets are unsafe as commercial planes

One of the biggest misconceptions users have after flying privately is that it’s safer to fly commercially. It might be because they believe that commercial airlines hire competent staff, including air hostesses and pilots. Most people assume that private jets don’t follow the imposed safety policies and standards of commercial planes. 

Myth # 3- Private Jets are hard to book 

You might have heard that booking a commercial flight is easier than a private one. In reality, while it’s quicker to book a commercial flight, hiring a private jet is no headache. Do you know why? It’s because private charter agencies expertly carry out every process by hiring a professional staff member separately. 

We’re only referring to the flight, but from picking you up from the destination to dropping you off at the hotel, where the staff is awaiting your arrival, the company covers it all. It’s more like having a private butler make arrangements for you. 

Myth # 4- Private Jets have Limited Destinations

Since most people believe that private jets are an elite affair, they also believe that the locations they fly to are restricted. However, private jets have more destinations than the total number of airports worldwide. In addition, private jets can also land on more airways than commercial flights. Also, the flyer can choose the nearest location for landing. 

Myth # 5- Private Jets aren’t suitable for bad weather

While it’s true that most commercial flights get cancelled or delayed during bad weather, private jets easily pull it off. There’re a few cases where private jets landed safely during unfavourable weather. The main reason behind this fact is the flexibility levels of these jets, as they can reach the maximum heights to avoid such situations. 

Myth # 6- Private Jets are Destroying Mother nature

Flying in a private jet often criticises the passengers for not caring about the environment. It’s because there’s a myth that recent charter companies have developed a technology that shows carbon footprints. The feature releases harmful gases into the air, ultimately harming our nature’s purified oxygen. 

Myth # 7- Private Jets are slower

Often, it’s all in our heads. Assuming that the size of private jets is smaller, so does their flying power. Yet, that’s rarely the case. Unlike commercial flights, you won’t be sticking around baggage queues, waiting for lines and security checks. However, if you’ve clarified when you would like to reach the destination, the pilots will accommodate the speed accordingly. Just as a private jet can access every airport, they can land you at the closest destination. 

Final Verdict

Hiring the charter jet is probably one of the most appraisable inventions by aircraft charter companies. While waiting in endless baggage queues appears a daunting task, now you can easily get rid of it by booking a flight privately, with maximum affordability. Remember that the myths mentioned above aren’t based on facts, so think realistically before spreading any falsehood.

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