What is Early Ejaculation? How to Identify and Treat It?


Early ejaculation is a sexual dysfunction that may negatively impact a man’s sexual experience. It happens whenever an orgasm or “climax” happens prematurely. Moreover, it often occurs before or immediately after penetration during sexual activity.

Also known as premature ejaculation (PE), it may negatively impact both male and female partners’ sexual enjoyment. Premature ejaculation may sometimes cause complications with fertility. In most instances, the failure to control ejaculation is not due to a medical issue; nonetheless, physicians will need to check out this possibility.

Moreover, secondary symptoms of PE might include discomfort, embarrassment, stress, and anxiety. 

Premature ejaculation may be acquired or a lifelong condition. Lifelong premature ejaculation entails the occurrence of ejaculation from someone’s first sexual encounter. Yet, acquired premature ejaculation arises following a prolonged, satisfactory ejaculate interval.

What Are The Early Ejaculation Causes?

So there might be numerous reasons for the early discharge of sperm. Yet Dr. Chirag Bhandari The Best sexologist in Delhi can help you identify the cause of PE. Some reasons are as follows:

Psychological factors

Most instances of PE are not due to any medical causes but rather by psychological issues, such as:

  • Sexual inexperience
  • Body image concerns
  • New relationships
  • Over-excitement or over-stimulation
  • Relationship pressure 
  • Anger
  • Guilt
  • Depression
  • Difficulties with control and intimacy

These prevalent psychological issues may influence men who ejaculated normally in the past. These patients are sometimes referred to as secondary or acquired PE.

The majority of instances with the rarer, more chronic type of PE, primary or lifelong PE, are likewise thought to be induced by psychological issues.

Frequently, the condition might be due to early trauma, like:

  • Strong sexual instruction and upbringing
  • Conditioning is when an adolescent attempts to ejaculate rapidly to avoid found masturbating.
  • Unpleasant experiences of sex

Medical Factors

Certain medical causes may also result in early ejaculation, such as:

  • Abnormal hormone levels
  • Variable concentrations of neurotransmitters 
  • Prostate or urethral infection or inflammation
  • Diabetes
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Illicit drug usage
  • Over usage of alcohol

Occasionally, PE may be an issue for men experiencing erectile dysfunction (ED). So this occurs when the penis loses enough firmness for intercourse. Men afraid of losing their erections might develop a habit of ejaculating quickly. Moreover, it might be difficult to stop the habit.

Premature ejaculation may cease if the erectile dysfunction is treated. There are several available medications.

Early Ejaculation Symptoms & Diagnosis

Premature ejaculation has no symptoms other than the illness itself. However, males who ejaculate prematurely may experience emotional distress. So the symptoms include:

  • diminished trust in the partnership
  • interpersonal problem
  • mental distress
  • depression
  • embarrassment

There are no required tests for diagnosing premature ejaculation. However, your doctor may prescribe testing to determine the reason.

Suppose you are concerned about the rate you ejaculate following sexual activity. In that case, your physician will ask you questions to determine the cause of your worry and the problem’s causes. 

Suppose your physician believes that emotional concerns cause your early ejaculation. In that case, they may recommend you to a mental health professional who deals with individuals who have sexual difficulties. However, if a medical issue is a cause, they may advise you to consult a urologist, a specialist in urinary system disorders.

Early Ejaculation Treatment Options

Here are some PE treatments to consider:

1. The squeeze technique

It functions similarly to the start-and-stop approach. Whenever you feel you are approaching climax, you or your companion press the tip of your penis till the erection is lost. Moreover, practice many times before ejaculating. Some men feel that if they focus on anything else during sex, they can prolong the experience.

If they don’t work, you may also try the following:

2. Kegels

Weak pelvic floor muscles may occasionally lead to pelvic organ prolapse. Kegel exercises may assist in their strengthening. By pausing your urination midway, you may determine which muscles to contract. Retain them for three seconds before releasing them for three seconds. Ten repetitions, at most three times each day, help you control early ejaculation. 

3. Condoms

It may desensitize you enough to allow you to last longer if you use a condom.

4. Masturbation

Some men feel that masturbation a few hours before intercourse helps them maintain control during sexual activity.

5. Counselling 

So a therapist or psychiatrist may assist you in overcoming issues like anxiety, depression, or anxiety related to your PE.

If none of these are effective, your doctor may suggest medication. Although there is no FDA-approved premature ejaculation medicine, several medications used to treat other ailments may be effective in some instances in treating early ejaculation. So these medications include some selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) and other numbing sprays or creams. 


So this is all about early ejaculation, its causes, and possible treatment alternatives. If you are facing such issues, then IASH Delhi experts can help you out. Read a more exciting articles on goknowl.com

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