WhatsApp developing login approval to improve account security

Whatsapp account Controls

Scammers will be able to avoid your WhatsApp account with a new security feature that the company is apparently working on. Feature tracker tells us one of the features is  Login Approval, and it has been developed now.


The two-step verification capability on the instant messaging platform will be bolstered by this new feature. When a user checks in to a WhatsApp account from a different smartphone. They will be notified via an alert on WhatsApp.


According to recent reports, WhatsApp is working on making it possible for iOS users to see the names of previous group members.


According to WABetaInfo, the WhatsApp beta version is being rolled out by the Meta-owned instant messaging company. A new security feature called Login Approval has been discovered by the feature tracker and is now in development. It is expected to be delivered as part of a future update.


When another user attempts to log in to their account from a separate smartphone using the Login Approval feature, consumers will receive an in-app alert, according to the report.


According to the reports, a user will only be allowed to log in after receiving permission to do so. From the handset where the account is currently being used to log in. In order to prevent a user’s account and personal information from being hacked, this function has been included.


Watsapp already has this feature. If a user’s six-digit security code is accidentally shared, the Login Approval feature may be able to safeguard them. A snapshot purportedly taken by the WhatsApp features tracker shows the time and phone details associated with a failed attempt to log in.

In a recent rumor, WhatsApp is also said to be working on a beta version of its iOS client. It will allow users to see prior members of a group.


Reports tell us a restricted number of beta testers that give access to the aforementioned upgrade. The feature can make a source available to a larger number of beta testers in the coming weeks.

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