Who Is Brooklyn Zeta Crump? Benjamin Crump Has A Daughter With Wife Genae Angelique Crump

Brooklyn Zeta Crump is the daughter of Benjamin Crump, a civil rights and catastrophic personal injury lawyer from the United States. Learn more information regarding Brooklyn Zeta and the Brooklyn Zeta family.

Benjamin Crump is a lawyer in the United States of America. He is an expert in civil rights and lawsuits involving personal injuries that can be devastating, such as the wrongful death.

His work has focused on cases like the plaintiffs in the Johnson & Johnson baby powder suit, which asserts that the talcum powder manufactured by the company led to the diagnosis of ovarian cancer.

Genre Angelique Crump is a doctor by trade. She keeps her public profile under wraps and refrains from divulging personal information to the public at large.

Many want to know details about Brooklyn Zeta Crump, a daughter of Genae Angelique Crump and Benjamin Crump.

Who Is Brooklyn Zeta Crump?

Brooklyn Zeta Crump is the daughter of Benjamin Crump, an American lawyer, as well as Angelique Crump, a physician.

On the internet There aren’t any details on Brooklyn. But, her parents kept her name secret from the public.

Brooklyn Zeta’s accounts on social media are also not accessible. Maybe she’s focused on her schoolwork and doesn’t have time to engage in social media platforms.

Benjamin Crump Wife: Who Is He Married To?

Benjamin Crump is married to Angelique Crump. She is a doctor , and is part in the community of blacks however, she isn’t Hispanic. Angelique is well-known for her husband. She is currently employed by the Florida Department of Education as coordinator of programs. In light of how technologically advanced our world is, it’s very surprising that she’s not on social networks.

Angelique appears to be hiding her private life away from the media and is reluctant to share details about her personal life. But her husband is engaged on social networks and frequently posts photos of his professional life.

Brooklyn Zeta Age: How Old Is She?

Brooklyn Zeta is 9 years old. Brooklyn was born in the year 2012. There is no exact date for her birth, or the month she was born.

In contrast Benjamin, her dad Benjamin has reached the age of 52. Young and was born on 10th, 1969. Benjamin was born in the United States, in Lumberton, North Carolina.

But, her mother remains completely discreet and keeps her birth date secret. If you examine her photograph, you can see that she’s probably in her mid-fifties.

Brooklyn Zeta School: Where Is She Studying?

There’s not much details about Brooklyn’s schooling. The family she shares with has been able to keep the information private and doesn’t want to reveal it to the general public. Brooklyn has a chance to study rigorously, and will likely be successful in her field like her father and mother.

Both parents have kept her personal information away from media. Benjamin and Angelique could suggest their child to media if the time comes.

Benjamin Crump Career

Benjamin is an attorney throughout his native United States who focuses on civil rights and the devastating personal injury cases, such as lawsuits for wrongful deaths. Trayvon Martin Michael Brown as well as George Floyd, the victims of poisoning during the Flint water crisis, are the focus of Benjamin’s work.

Crump was selected to represent Ahmaud’s family members, Arbery, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and Jacob Blake in the year 2020. He was also selected as the counsel for the driver of Winston Boogie’s car and on behalf of the relatives of Daunte Wright in 2021.

Protests against police violence are in full swing all over all of the United States and around the world due to ongoing investigations into the deaths of officers as well as accidents.


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