Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy for Goknowl


Goknowl, located at, places a high value on protecting the privacy of its users. This page outlines the various ways in which goknowl collects and records information.


Any queries or issues concerning our Personal Information Protection Policy should be directed to us. Bloggers, please be aware that this Privacy Statement applies solely to your interactions with our website and the information you disclose or gather there.


Your location is irrelevant if you are accessing this website from a computer outside of your own or your employer’s.


We Collect


We’ll make it quite clear when we ask for your personal information just what we need and why.


If you want to contact us directly, we may collect your email address, phone number, and any attachments you send us.


The Way We Handle Your Private Information

Personal data may be used in the following ways by the company:


Keep track of how many people have used the service.


Contact you:


In order to send you emails, phone calls, or other electronic communications, such as push notifications from a mobile app, where necessary or reasonable for the implementation of functional upgrades or informative messages about products or contractual services, such as security updates.


For the transfer of business:


It is possible that We may sell some or all of our assets in the future and Your information may be among the assets that are transferred. We will use Your information to evaluate or conduct such transactions if We do so as a going-concern or as part of a liquidation, bankruptcy or similar proceeding.


Third-Party Privacy Statements


Goknowl’s privacy policy does not apply to other advertising or websites. Please read the privacy policies of these third-party ad servers as a result of this recommendation. It’s possible that guidelines and instructions on how to turn off specific features will be provided.


Cookies can be turned off in your browser’s preferences. For additional information on how certain browsers manage cookies, visit the websites of those browsers.


Children’s Resources


In addition, we want to make the internet a safer place for children and teenagers to use. We genuinely hope that parents and guardians will actively monitor and supervise their children and youth’s internet activities.


Goknowl never asks anyone under the age of 13 for personal information. To remove this information from our records, please contact us promptly and we will do our utmost to remove it as soon as we learn of your intentions.