Advantages and disadvantages of SharePoint Consulting

Advantages and disadvantages of SharePoint Consulting

What is SharePoint Consulting?

Organizations mainly use SharePoint Consulting to create internal websites. Most devices are compatible with SharePoint, making it a great tool for sharing, storing, and organizing information. It is used by many organizations to give people easy access to the information they need; information is stored, documents managed, and policies and procedures centralized in SharePoint environments.

Advantages and disadvantages of SharePoint

While we agree that SharePoint is a super handy tool, there are also some downsides to using it. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons, and possible solutions to challenges that SharePoint can offer your organization.

Advantage: SharePoint can be used for top-down communication

One of the reasons why management often choose SharePoint: it allows them to communicate with different target groups within the organization. The traditional SharePoint intranet is designed for top-down communication. Leaders rely on SharePoint to spread important organization-wide news and updates.

Disadvantage: usually only applicable for top-down communication

SharePoint helps your C-level to pass information to their staff. However, it does not allow employees to express their views or participate in the conversation. One of the great developments in employee communication is that more and more organizations are understanding that communication should be a two-way street. Organizations worldwide are therefore looking for tools that enable (social) interaction, the collection of feedback, and bottom-up communication.

That is a very good development for employee involvement; employees who feel their opinion is valuable to their organization have a better employee experience. And that in turn has a positive effect on the productivity of your employees and on your business results.

Solution: an employee communication platform in combination with SharePoint

Use SharePoint in conjunction with an employee communication platform that enables two-way communication. For example, our SharePoint integration automatically pulls SharePoint headers from your SharePoint and publishes them without intervention on every screen in your organization that you have connected.

Our Desktop App and Mobile App automatically show the latest news on your SharePoint. Our social interaction feature allows your employees to share their opinions, comment, respond to posts and each other and give leaders and communication professionals an overview of the general sentiment within your organization.

Advantage: with SharePoint, staff can safely access the information anywhere

You can store your documents with SharePoint on-premise on your servers, which means that the information is not accessible unless employees are working within your (office) building. However, SharePoint Online is hosted in the cloud, which means employees can access files wherever they are working. Data encryption helps keep your data safe, so employees can access information securely anywhere.

Disadvantage: The platform is not accessible or inclusive for non-desk employees (without a Microsoft 365 license)
If your entire organization wants to use SharePoint completely, every employee who will use SharePoint needs a license for Microsoft 365. This can be a challenge for organizations with large groups of non-desk employees, as they will not always have access to a Microsoft account or a company email address. As a result, they can’t access SharePoint and see the important company updates that your management publishes through the tool.

Solution: SharePoint on your digital signage, screensavers and mobile phone

A good solution to give access to non-desk employees and other colleagues without access to your SharePoint environment? Display SharePoint on your digital signage screens, screensavers and employee smartphones. Our SharePoint integration automatically publishes important items from your SharePoint directly to every screen in your organization. This means that your non-desk employees without a license can still see the information.

When they pass a narrowcasting screen or a PC with screensaver 0, they are automatically presented with information, without having to do anything themselves. Granted, they still don’t have access to SharePoint, but they do get those important management updates and other company news on the platform.

Benefit: Share and store information in a centralized place

SharePoint was designed to make it easier to share, manage and store documents in one central place. The platform enables organizations to manage access to documents and invite employees to collaborate on a single document. You can also manage how employees share content. Features like metadata and tagging make finding documents easy, so as long as your SharePoint structure makes sense, employees won’t have to search long to find what they need.

Disadvantage: sending the right information to the right people is difficult

A challenge when using SharePoint is sending the right information to the right people. SharePoint offers some targeting options, but there is room for improvement. The disadvantage is that employees already receive too much information on a daily basis. Irrelevant SharePoint documents only add to that information overload problem that organizations face.

Solution: target your content

A tool that allows you to target content in combination with SharePoint is a great solution. Our integration enables organizations to target content using a targeting feature. This allows you to send your SharePoint updates to specific devices. You can choose which PCs or digital signage screens should receive the updates and connect them to your SharePoint. This way you know that your items only get the attention of the right employees and SharePoint becomes a lot more valuable; after all, you do not contribute to the information overload in your organization.

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