Best School Mobile Apps in India in 2022


Easy accessibility to school learning resources, faculty, and insights into the daily activities online keeps parents assured about their children’s quality education. Thankfully, technological advancements are taking place in the education industry as well. It gave rise to the school management app, a comprehensive IT solution operated on the SaaS model and is a Cloud Based on ERP. It can be centrally hosted and requires only the internet to operate and manage the application.


The best mobile apps for schools simplify and automate the daily tasks of educational institutions. By simply downloading these apps, anyone can have access to school offerings and everyday activities hassle-free! It also allows school officials to assign, manage and monitor daily school activities online. Storing academic resources and crucial data safely on a single platform becomes easy with these apps.


Why choose mobile apps for schools?


Over the years, the education industry has progressed a lot. It is making constant efforts to secure a bright future for children and make their overall learning process better. Today, the impact of technology on education is massive! School mobile apps are making things much easier to understand for students. It’s the reason why its demand is significantly rising in the education industry.


School management can use this app or ERP software to mark attendance, create lesson plans, curate tests, give homework and assignments, etc. On the other hand, students can access study materials and resources online that enable them to learn at their own pace.


Here are some of the best ERP software for school:


ShriConnect – The Best ERP Software For School


Shri Educare Limited (SEL) comes with a commitment to improving the learning experience of students and providing ERP solutions to schools for better facilitation of educational services. Its latest IT resolution is ShriConnect, a SaaS model system, and a Cloud-based ERP.


ShriConnect gives a purposeful and good academic start to the educational institution. It even impacts all the stakeholders- students, teachers, directors, parents, and potential people and changes the tutorial environment of the customer. It is undoubtedly one of the best mobile apps for schools that provide organization-wide transparency to schools, colleges, and universities, making it easier for the school management to avoid waste of resources by plugging any possible misuse.


Key features:


  1. Enhanced interaction between students and faculty – It strengthens the interaction capacity of students.
  2. Novel learning techniques – A perfect replacement for boring classroom sessions. There’s an element of fun and involvement in the learning process.
  3. Improves parent-teacher communication – Teachers can attend to parents’ queries anytime and anywhere through a Mobile App for School. On the other hand, parents can keep a check on their child’s growth at school.
  4. Online resources – Students can access a collection of ebooks, pdfs, and other online materials. They get the freedom to access it beyond the boundaries of time and space.
  5. Entertainment – Children can learn effectively with colorful pages and moving animations. No more dull homework and tough class lectures.
  6. 24/7 availability – Unlike traditional classroom setups, the ShriConnect mobile app is available 24/7. It promotes child-friendly management and operates without much effort.


Edunext ERP

Being considered one of the most advanced school management software in India, Edunext ERP uses automation to simplify complex school tasks. It is easy to use and can be fully customized. Users can keep track of all school-related activities anytime, anywhere.


Key features:

  • Admission management
  • Communication
  • Lesson planning
  • Staff recruitment
  • Fee management
  • Homework assignment
  • Hostel management
  • Inventory management
  • Library management
  • Student Attendance


Campus Suite

It is one of the most popular mobile apps for schools in 2022. CampusSuite offers a complete package for all the educational needs of a school. With this app, school management can stay in touch with students, and parents. It also allows for sending push notifications and auto-notifications for major events.


Key features:

  • Delivers aggregated news to facilitate parents, staff, and students
  • Store contacts of administrators, teachers, and school staff
  • Content and CMS integration
  • Push notifications




HDSchool is the best ERP software for schools that allows the management of complex fee structures, student data, library, attendance, etc., from a single location. It is easy to use and navigate.


Key features:

  • Student management
  • Course management
  • Examination
  • Batch management
  • Library
  • Fee management
  • Homework
  • Timetable management
  • Attendance management
  • Payroll and reporting




Edisapp is a comprehensive enterprise-grade Academic ERP. Being a powerful software solution, it automates the entire school operation, digitizes the student life cycle, and manages in-house academic and non-academic human capital. This mobile school app allows one to manage and run all school activities from anywhere which makes it the best ERP software for school.


This single-use platform allows users to easily record and access all vital data like student details, fee details, attendance, mark sheet, etc. As a result, parents can stay up-to-date with the school circulars and be notified about their kid’s performance in daily activities easily.


Key features:

  • Student information management
  • Staff information management
  • Admission process automation
  • Attendance management
  • Announcement, class module, and fee module management
  • An ideal communication platform
  • Assignment and homework management
  • Exam, mark sheets, and results auto-generation



It’s a robust school management app that improves student outcomes and performance. This cloud-based mobile app is loaded with innovative features that help in managing daily educational activities with ease. It can also be converted into a collaborative platform that allows teachers, parents, and students to interact virtually.


Key features

  • Attendance management
  • Reports & analytics
  • Centralized dashboard
  • Instant messaging
  • Gradebook
  • File sharing



Key takeaways

Every educational institution needs a proper school management app to function smoothly. ShriConnect Mobile App is undoubtedly the best way for children to stay connected with their teachers. If you are looking for promising mobile apps for schools, you must look forward to ShriConnect! It offers all the necessary features at a low cost and makes the overall learning process much better.


In case you need any assistance, you can connect with the authorities of Shri Educare to get further insights into its ERP software.


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