Different lifting and handling tools in 2023

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This article is ideal for you if you’re a manager, handler, driver, Material Handling Equipment in Pakistan, or forklift operator. This week, take a look at an overview of the many handling and lifting equipment that you could require and are available at our Espace-Equipment store.

A pallet-truck

A pallet truck can be described as the commonly used warehouse equipment for Material Handling Equipment in Pakistan. Simple to use, it allows you to move and lift loaded pallets easily. There are two pallet trucks: manual and electronic pallet trucks. Both operations are similar, comprised of two forks and a drawbar, allowing you to move and lift objects by using wheels located beneath the forks.

The stacker

The stacker is a virtual storage device that is high up. The device, whether manual or electric, can permit the transport of pallets. What is the difference between it and that of a pallet truck? The stacker allows handling vertically and exceptionally quickly. Forks let you place yourself beneath the pallet and an adjustable drawbar connected to a mast that hydraulically operates, which permits heavy loads to be lifted effortlessly. The device doesn’t require any CACES to use it.

Table for lifting

The lifting table provides a guarantee of comfort and efficiency. Manual or semi-electric is utilized for various reasons, including putting packages and loads on top of storage spaces so that the person handling them doesn’t have to put in the effort. It is also a great option as a side or conditioning table. The single scissor-lift tables can lift to 800mm, similar to pallet trucks with high lifts; however, unlike them, they come with platforms that can carry palletized and non-palletized items. The double scissor table can lift to 1500mm, Material Handling Equipment in Pakistan equipment.

Fixed an electric The lifting table is fixed and electric; it can support large loads and raise and lower without exerting any effort. The adjustable height of up to 1220 mm for single scissors and 1780mm for double scissors allows you to work with heavy mechanical components at the workstation or in industrial environments, for instance.

The trolley for handling

The trolley for handling is a must for any warehouse. Workshop trolley with a platform with sides or multi-levels; there’s THE handling trolley that can be adapted to your specific needs. With the capacity to transport weights up to 1800kg with no maintenance, or even close to it, take the time to look over the various trolleys for handling in our catalog.

The handle of the devil

Hand trucks are a highly democratized and efficient tool for handling outside warehouses. Steel or aluminum that folds and has folding flaps or bottle holders. Many hand-trucks let you take trucks off or move furniture without emptying it, move drums, or even go down curbs and stairs quickly because of their six wheels. They are sturdy, easy to operate, and cost-effective.

The crane for the workshop

A workshop crane can be crucial for maintaining processes in the handling or mechanical field. Cranes, also known as “shop goats,” have several features. They can lift weights that weigh up to 2 tons with the help of a hydraulic arm. They can be folded or fixed based on your needs in space. Additionally, the workshop cranes that Espace-Equipment offers are either specifically designed for Euro pallets or heavy loaders to best fulfill your requirements.

The lifting Jack

Lifting jacks are frequently not mentioned in lists of equipment for material handling. It is often relayed to the automotive industry, but it’s still effective and used in nearly every field. The hydraulic jacks in our catalog enable lifting objects of up to 10 tonnes using a simple pressure. This way, you can quickly raise your machines, loads, and other tools to provide a perfect 360-degree view. What is the procedure? The Jack is placed on an adjustable, pivoting, or fixed leg based on your requirements, folded steel, and equipped with a hydraulic handle. To raise your machine, place the Jack on top of it and then reduce the handle.


We should not overlook proper waste disposal when we speak of lifting, Hand Pallet Trucks in Pakistan, and workshop. A self-tipping skip or two is essential for a workshop to ensure that it meets the safety and health standards. The skips supplied by Espace-Equipment have been designed to be attached to your forklift. They offer an efficient and easy process for removing waste, thanks to the numerous models and an automated shift.

This list of tools isn’t exhaustive, and our experts are ready to help you with your concerns and queries.

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