How To Eject Water From IPhone Using Siri Shortcuts

how to get water out of iphone speaker

how to get water out of iphone speaker

Ever since the smartphone has been launched in the market everyone has had it in their hands. But the problem is that using a smartphone is not bad but getting addicted to it is very harmful. Teenagers do not want to leave their smartphones even for a minute when they go to shower. They take it along with them to listen to music in the shower. Smartphones in the shower will cause water droplets to enter the speaker and it will affect your smartphone. This article is for iPhone users who take the iPhone in the shower and now want to know the Siri shortcut on how to eject water from iPhone If you design a website Contact US: Ozair Webs Read more of our jobs blogs: Govt Jobs & Pakistan Jobs and also read Indeed Jobs

To eject water method 1

Step 1:- Open your browser and get the water eject shortcut Step 2:- Now, it will be launch on your screen Step 3:- In this, you will have different shortcut options and you have to choose only water eject  Step 4:- Open this launch shortcut and select the water eject shortcut from there, it will take about 15 seconds to complete the water eject process Step 5:- A notification will also come to inform you that your task is complete  

Set up Siri voice shortcut Method 2

  Step 1:- If you have set up the Siri assistant option then all you do is command your Siri by saying ‘Hey Siri, water eject’.  Step 2:- It will start working and wait for 15-20 seconds to complete the water ejection process.    Water-ejecting Siri shortcut is amazing. The Water Eject Siri shortcut effectively causes the iPhone to shake out any water that has stuck by making a sound that causes the speaker to vibrate. Other than this Siri shortcut you can protect your iPhone by buying an iPhone cover that will protect from getting water droplets into the speakers. Remember to buy a cover that fits your iPhone and is genuinely protecting it from water. Although iPhones have an inbuilt waterproof processor or you can say it is waterproof but still speakers do not come as waterproof. Water in speakers will cause problems while hearing a call or answering a call, which means sometimes you can not hear properly what the other person over the call is saying, and sometimes your voice is not reaching the other person.    Some people will suggest you put your iPhone in an uncook rice box for 24 hours. And all the water will be soak in rice and your iPhone will start working again properly. This method does work but the problem here is a rice grain can get stuck in the speakers if you by chance put your iPhone in the wrong way. It will lead to another new problem. Therefore, it is better to use the Siri water eject shortcut.   

Wrapping up

The two best methods are in front of you if water gets into your iPhone. If you are interested to read descriptive articles related to the iPhone then for sure you should visit our website Ityug247.   read also: WhatsApp tricks: How to read messages without opening the chat?

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