Guide to Perform Netgear EX7500 Firmware Update

People often get confused with the number of options they have while they are trying to improve WiFi coverage in their homes. There is a plethora of options ranging from WiFi extenders, WiFi routers, modems, to mesh networks, powerline adaptors, etc. However, the two most opted-for choices amongst them these days are mesh networks and WiFi extenders. These devices help to boost your WiFi network coverage using the existing home network. Netgear WiFi mesh range extender EX7500 is one such device, which creates a powerful mesh wireless network and provides terrific internet speed and coverage in your home. It works along with the existing router and amplifies its signal strength and improves WiFi coverage to reach all the nooks and corners of your home. This piece of write-up is to give you information on how you can perform firmware update on your Netgear EX7500 extender.

Why Firmware Update?

Netgear keeps rolling out new firmware versions to update its WiFi devices. Thus, it is recommended to regularly update your Netgear EX7500 extender, to get the maximum output. These firmware updates enhance overall Netgear mesh extender performance, thereby improving the user experience. Apart from fixing the bugs, the firmware updates add new features to the device as well as update new security features. Hence, performing Netgear EX7500 firmware updates remains mandatory for the smooth functioning of the device.

Steps to Update Netgear EX7500 Firmware

Netgear releases firmware updates on a regular basis to improve your mesh extender performance and add new features to it. All you need to do is download the latest firmware version and upload it to your Netgear EX7500. To update your Netgear mesh extender firmware, simply follow the below-given steps.

  • Using your computer or laptop, launch a web browser. Ensure to have the latest version of the operating system on the computer to avoid any hindrances. Also, try to use the latest web browser version to perform the firmware update.

  • The next step is to log in to your Netgear mesh extender. To log in:

  • Type the official web address in the web browser address bar. Hit Enter.

  • You will land on the Login page. Enter the admin username and password.

  • Click on Log In. You have successfully logged in to your Netgear EX7500 extender

  • After logging in, click on the Menu icon. The extender menu will be displayed.

  • Now click on Firmware Update under the Settings option. The firmware update page will open up.

  • Click on Check Online.

  • If the new firmware update is available for your Netgear mesh range extender, follow the on-screen instructions to update your Netgear EX7500.

  • Firmware update is completed.

How to Manually Upload EX7500 Firmware?

To manually upload the firmware on your mesh extender, you can follow the below-given steps after logging in to your Netgear mesh extender.

  • Click on the Menu icon to open the Netgear mesh extender menu.

  • Select Firmware Update. It will open the firmware update page.

  • Click on the Browse button.

  • Now, locate and select the newly downloaded firmware file. You can easily identify the firmware file as its name will end with a .chk extension.

  • Next, click on the Upload button. This will start the firmware update process and your Netgear mesh extender will restart automatically once the firmware update is finished.

Final Note

Having an up-to-date firmware version on your Netgear mesh extender will help in the flawless functioning of your device. As mentioned previously, Netgear keeps releasing new firmware updates on a regular basis. So, always keep an eye on these updates from the very beginning i.e. right after you complete Netgear extender setup. This will keep your device updated and give you the best internet-usage experience.

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