How Can Fiber Optic Strengthen Industrial Network Operations?

Fiber Optic Strengthen

The role of fiber optic cables in today’s dynamic business landscape is vital. From households to large technology giants, the cable is fast becoming known. Why is everyone longing for this kind of cable? The reason is its high functionality. From a higher bandwidth to enhanced data transmission speed and reduced data loss, fiber optic is matchless. Speaking of its uses on a larger scale, industrial networking can see a tremendous improvement in its operations through fiber optic cables. This article will attempt to bring forth some of the top-notch applications of this cable in industrial networks. Stay with us to learn them!

Industrial Networking Applications:

The list of industrial applications of fiber optic cables is long. Information communication must be real-time and quick in time-sensitive industries, and that’s where fiber cables can help the cause. Benefits like these will be discussed in the coming lines. Keep scrolling!

1. Automation and control:

Modern-day digital manufacturing is an essential driver of the dynamic society. Most of the utility supplies and automation and control manufacturing use programmable control systems. The most common use of fiber cables in automation and control is Factory or home Automation.

i) Factory Automation:

The routing device and ethernet switch for a factory floor ethernet is essential elements. They enable optimized production and enhances the integration of production data. Fiber optic cable Dubai based companies provide multi-mode step-index fiber optic cable to these industries for improved accessibility and operations.

The industrial fiber cables high-functionality built cables providing a speed up to 100 MBPS. The Gigabit Ethernet speed can be as high as 1000 MBPS, catering to the automation industry’s advanced data communication needs. The cables can withstand a temperature range of -20 C to 80 C. The tensile strength of the cable enables it to work indoor as well as outdoor.

ii) Machine Interconnect:

Industries need industrial fiber cables for smart factory initiatives and the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT). The reasons behind this choice are many. Some of these are:

  • Immunity to Electromagnetic Interference
  • High performance under harsh temperatures
  • Longer link distance
  • Room for future upgrades

iii) Robotics and Drag Chain:

Controlling the robots seems soothing to the eyes, but it the toughest nut to crack. Not only timing but the accuracy must also be there. Fiber optic cables are useful here since they are used in the robotics control system. With their design and high functionality, they meet the long-term demands of the industry.

2. Renewable Energy:

Successful cable installation, functioning, and reliability are essential for windpower terminals. The renewable energy industry is also one of the top customers of fiber optic since they need it at every corner.

i) Wind Power Control:

Wind power tribunes often come across numerous challenges which adversely affect the operations. Before moving to their solutions, let’s have a quick look at these recurring issues:

  • electrical noise
  • Widely fluctuating Temperatures
  • Need for rapid restoration
  • High vibrations
  • more superficial modifications across the cabling network

Almost every one of the aforementioned issues is somehow connected with the cabling network. Owing to fiber optic cables’ reliability, durability, and high-level performance, these issues can easily be solved.

ii) Solar Controls:

Photovoltaic (PV) and solar thermal farms are considered essential elements in the solar industry. Moreover, the sun’s reliable tracking is also necessary to ensure solar energy is converting to electricity. Fiber optic cable Dubai-based companies can provide ruggedized fiber optic connections to ensure the process’s smooth operation. The provided cable is suitable for harsh temperatures, ensuring a secure cabling network for the solar industry.

3. Electrical Current (Energy):

i) High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC): 

The main application of fiber optic cable in electrical energy is High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC). The transmission scheme of HDVC is more effective when compared with an alternate current (AC). Excessively charged energy can be damaging if not managed well. The only protection of the conductive materials is to use fiber optic cables. Apart from being the protector, it will also ensure the electrical noise does not affect the network and IT system.

ii) Current and Voltage Measurement:

Measuring the current and Voltage has long been done through current transformers (CTs). Fiber optic-based devices now replaced the CTs since the CTs had several shortcomings. Limited bandwidth and electromagnetic saturation were the hurdles, limiting the CTs from displaying accurate results. Advanced devices ensure more accurate current measurements now since they are flawless and come with state-of-the-art technology.

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