How Should You Buy a printer?

How Should You Buy a printer?

Photo printing requires at least a color model. The set of additional options will depend on the needs.

First, you should understand what you need a printer for. Most often, professional models with high printing speeds like dtg printer are just the ideal ones. To choose a device with the best value for money, you need to answer the following questions:

  1. What to print? The printer for photographs and colorful graphics must be in color. In the case of working with texts without special design and illustrations, a black-and-white model may be preferred.
  2. How often will you print? In inkjet devices, the ink dries out when idle. For this reason, you need to print documents regularly. If you use the printer, for example, once a month, consider this when purchasing.
  3. Is print speed important? When working with large documents, this parameter can be decisive. Some models print less than 5 pages per minute.
  4. Do you need a scanner and copier? If not, it’s better to get a simple printer rather than a multifunctional device.
  5. What image print quality is acceptable? The higher the resolution, the slower the speed of the device will be. If you don’t have a professional camera, 1200 dpi is enough for home use. For printing texts – 600 dpi.
  6. How many pages or photos will you print monthly? Each printer has a recommended load in the form of daily or monthly productivity. You need to pay attention to this parameter if you often print, for example, voluminous abstracts. If the recommended load is exceeded, the device wears out faster.

Types of printers

The main types for home use are laser, inkjet, and MFP. Devices differ in the set of functions, characteristics, and price.


A laser printer magnetizes sections of paper during operation. An electrical charge attracts a colored powder called toner, which acts as paint. The paper passes through a roller where an image is formed, then the toner is baked. As a result, the powder becomes more resistant to touch and does not crumble.

There are both black and white and color laser models on sale. The latter is much more expensive. Add the price of cartridges to the cost, as the installation ones (those that come with the new device) run out quickly. In the case of a color device, you will have to buy 4 cartridges. Most of the time they are not refillable.


An inkjet printer works thanks to a special print head. It moves along the material and applies paint to the surface through microscopic holes – nozzles.

Most inkjet guns are color, black and white models that rarely appear on sale. The machine requires ink to operate. The manufacturer installs installation cartridges, but they run out quickly and are not suitable for long-term use. In the future, you will have to purchase ink and containers for them yourself.


The MFP is a multifunction device. It combines a printer, scanner, and copier. Options vary by model. Home MFPs can be laser or inkjet, but the former is more common. They have all the functions inherent in printers.

Connection method

  1. The most popular ways to connect printers to a network are:
  2. Ethernet/LAN. The best option for LAN with multiple devices, however additional configuration may be required. The printer is connected directly to the router via an Ethernet cable.
  3. Wi-Fi. The most convenient solution. Access to the device will be received not only by computers but also by smartphones. The printer can be placed anywhere as the connection is wireless.
  4. The easiest option. The user just needs to connect the printing device to a computer or camera via a USB connector. Drivers are installed automatically.
  5. Through the slot for memory cards. The printer is connected to the phone or camera directly.
  6. The choice in this case depends on your preferences. For example, if you want a printer for your home with a wireless connection, you need Wi-Fi support.


If you want to choose a printer for yourself. This guide has shared all the basics you need to get the right printer for yourself.

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