How To Get 10,000 Followers On Facebook Fast And Free

How To Get 10,000 Followers On Facebook Fast And Free

With a monthly active user base of over 2.3 billion people, Facebook reigns supreme among social media platforms. More than 60% of Internet users worldwide utilize it, making it an excellent tool for marketing a product or service, attracting new clients, or building a fan base (followers).


You must have many fans (following) on your Facebook company page to benefit from this. Below, we’ll explain why having a large following on Facebook is critical.


Is Having A Large Number Of Facebook Fans Beneficial To Your Business?


It’s a sign of popularity – It should be self-evident that the number of admirers on a website reflects its popularity. If you have a Facebook company page with 100,000 likes, you’re more popular than if you have a page with 1,000 likes.


To put it another way, the US State Department spent $630,000 between 2011 and 2012 to go from having 100,000 Facebook fans to having 2 million, which indicates trust. Why did this happen?


To succeed in today’s world, a company, website, or blog must have many Facebook fans. This wasn’t a big deal a few years ago, but social proof is now crucial.


If you have a large following on social media, more people will be exposed to your posts, which could lead to more traffic to your website. But it’s worth noting that not all of your followers will see your updates. Fewer than 4% of your Facebook fans will see your status updates due to recent algorithm adjustments.


Even while this figure can fluctuate, it’s crucial to know that if you have 10,000 followers and upload a new update, only 300-400 people will see it.


How To Get 10,000 Fans On Facebook


Now that you know how crucial it is to have a large number of Facebook friends for your website and business, let’s look at how to go from 0 to 10,000 Facebook fans.


1.      Start with a Facebook Business page


Even if it’s obvious to season social media users, this may surprise those just getting started: For example, a personal Facebook page is not the same as a company page. Create a personal page on Facebook if you want to share your holiday images with friends.


You must have a Facebook marketplace page to gain fans and followers for your website or business. You should begin by creating a Facebook business page and then optimize it for search engine visibility.


2.      Optimize your business page on Facebook


There are four main aspects of optimizing your Facebook business page: choosing a friendly page name (username), writing a catchy description (in the short description field), and supplying accurate information for the long description of your company.


3.      Make use of your personal Facebook page


Despite what I said in step 1 above, you still need a personal Facebook account in order to have a business page. This is the reason:


  •         One strategy to get more exposure and likes on your personal page is to publish updates you make on your company page. The more friends you have on your personal facebook marketplace, the more likely they are to ‘like’ and ‘interact’ with postings from your company page.
  •         Your posts will be shown to a larger audience on Facebook as a consequence (organically). So, sharing and promoting the post on your page is a good approach to get more people to see your content and go above the 4% mark of your fan base.


4.      Add Facebook Like box to website


The Facebook like box is social media marketing 101, but you need it for three reasons:


  •         In this method, your website can be linked to your Facebook company page. In other words, it’s a signal to the search engines that your Facebook company page is legitimate and trustworthy.
  •         Having a lot of followers is something to be proud of and something you should show your customers.
  •         It’s a great way to build a loyal following without paying to advertise. Visitors to your website can “Like” it without having to visit Facebook by clicking the LIKE button.


5.      Tips to boost post engagement


We’ve already improved our business page on the facebook marketplace, added friends to our personal page, and placed the like box prominently on our website.


You should begin sharing content to keep your admirers pleased and, if possible, convert them from fans to consumers. Your Facebook business page can be more successful if you follow a few easy guidelines:


         i.            Share relevant content


Ensure you’re posting things your followers expect to see from your page. Your website should focus on social media, not sports or any other topic you might be interested in. They know where to go if they want to read sports stories.


    ii.            Keep it professional


Be mindful that your followers are there to get updates on your website (and specialty) and not on your social events. For socializing, utilize your personal Facebook account, not your company account. If I need to share something unrelated to my specialty, I post it on my personal page instead of my business page.


  iii.            Don’t be too promotional


Promoting your business on your Facebook profile is a surefire way to lose followers. If you have a promotion or anything of value to share with your followers, go ahead and do so, but don’t go overboard.


6.      Provide incentives to gain fans & followers


What’s the point of having a Facebook page for your business?  If you want people to follow your Facebook page, you need to provide them incentives. There are a few things to keep in mind:


a.       Improved quality


You can’t do better than this when it comes to motivating your customers. Ensure that any content you submit on your website is of value to your audience before doing so If you do this consistently, your current fans will spread the word to theirs, which will lead to an increase in new users.


b.      Organize a competition


A variety of websites offer contests on the facebook marketplace. To have access to the material, you must first LIKE the page. There are a variety of methods available for this, but keep in mind that if your brand isn’t well-known, it may not be as effective.


c.       Upgrades to the content


It’s possible to use the LIKE button on your blog to get an updated version of your post if you have a Facebook page. It’s worth a try, but you’ll need additional equipment.




To build trust and promote your business, you need a large number of Facebook fans.


The US State Department would not have to spend $630 thousand on Facebook campaigns if this were not important in the first place. As soon as you’ve made all the necessary adjustments to your business page (steps 1 and 2 above), Facebook advertising is the quickest approach to gaining new followers.


If you’re willing to put in the time and effort, you can reach 10,000 followers for less than $1,000. To reach a fan base of 100,000 or more on the Facebook marketplace, you must execute everything correctly and offer a superior product or service, as I did with my fitness blog’s Facebook page.


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