Get Freeview on Your TV Without an Aerial

how to get Freeview

how to get Freeview

After the launch of the device, Freeview has completely changed the way in which people of the United Kingdom have been using media and particularly Television. TV has become a very important device for people as it has allowed them to enjoy their favourite shows very easily, but there has been a question that has been troubling people very much regarding Freeview. People often question whether they can get freeview with an aerial so, here we are going to tell you how to get freeview without an aerial. 

Can you use Freeview without an aerial?

We often wonder whether people can use freeview without the traditional aerial TV so, let me tell you that yes, it is possible for people to use TV Freeview without the use of an aerial. You can use these different internet-based options if you don’t want to use an aerial.

  • Smart TV

Smart TV can be easily used by people to access all their favourite TV shows and other things that they want to do on Freeview. You just need a proper internet access for the same. 

  • Freeview app

You can also use the official application of freeview for freeview play without an aerial TV. The application is available on all devices and can be easily download from the play store or the Apple Store. 

You can know more about Freeview and its features on the website Onlinehubb as the website is very informative and tries to answer all the queries of people. 

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