How To Make the Right Choice For Buying Night Lights?

How To Make the Right Choice For Buying Night Lights?

Subdued diffused lighting of a stylish and functional night lamp, relaxing music – what else is needed for the best preparation of the body for sleep, which guarantees a good rest? The use of nightlights is advisable not only in the children’s room but also in the bedroom of adults, where such a lighting device will help create a peaceful atmosphere.

How to make the right choice?

But how to make the right choice and what should you focus on when planning to buy a night light? First, decide where and for what exactly you are going to install it. Such lighting equipment is indispensable in the following cases:

  • Creating more comfortable conditions for the baby, who can wake up and burst into tears at night. With a nightlight, you don’t have to stumble around in a hurry to look for a light source.
  • The formation of comfortable conditions for the child – easy falling asleep and the absence of fear of the dark.
  • Feeling of comfort and warmth. A proper selection of the type of glow allows you to produce a “warming” effect even in a cool bedroom.

Body material and build quality

Most nightlights on the lighting market are made of plastic. This is a modern material that, at the behest of designers, can take the most fantastic forms. High-quality plastic is completely harmless for children and does not have an unpleasant odor. Also, glass, natural stone, and wood can serve as a material for the manufacture of a sunset lamp.

As for the assembly of products, when buying a product you like, check the integrity and strength of all elements. Wires, bulb holders, switches – everything should be neatly assembled, and the individual parts of the structure should fit snugly together.

Color range and design

Checking the quality of materials and assembly when choosing a night light is necessary. However, this kind’s external decoration of lighting devices is no less important. And if colorful models with an original design are appropriate in a nursery, then more restrained and even almost imperceptible models look good in an adult bedroom.

The most popular are children’s nightlights in the form of various animals. In the room of a very small child, it is better to choose a bright wall night light, for example, in the form of cute animals, flowers, ladybugs, a month, or stars. Such a light device will enliven the room’s interior during the day and become a faithful assistant for mom, helping to navigate the room at night.

For older children, table lamps in the form of charming bunnies, bears, etc. are suitable. They can be installed on the child’s bedside table so that he can have access to light control. At the same time, these nightlights are very mobile, you can place them on any surface.

Design features and types of light bulbs

Many nightlights have a switch on the wire. For those who are not satisfied with this option, some wireless models run on batteries. Even the smallest baby can easily and safely turn on such a lamp. These can be wall sconces that can be placed in that part of the wall where they will be inaccessible to the baby, or desktop lighting devices that are universal in location.

In addition, you can choose a night light with several modes of intensity and color of radiation, a product with a motion sensor, or an option with musical accompaniment.


Often, traditional incandescent lamps are used in nightlights. True, such light bulbs are considered quite fragile and uneconomical. Among other things, they require replacement approximately 3-4 times a year. Therefore, we recommend buying LED nightlights. They give soft and even lighting, lamps of this type consume a minimum of electricity and last an incredibly long time.

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