How to Replace the Carrier Name in Your iPhone’s Status Bar

There are a whole one of the better matters which could go to your iPhone’s status bar except a usually-on indicator showing what carrier you are doling out money to every month.

While it would be best to put off the service call altogether at the top of the display screen, a fair higher option is switching it out with something else to better customize your iPhone.

As you can likely bet, doing this can require that your iPhone be jailbroken and walking Cydia. And thanks to a reliable jailbreak for iOS eleven, this is now feasible even with the newest iPhone fashions.

However, this tweak has been around for a long term and hasn’t been explicitly updated for iOS eleven, however it still works.

The developer, Alex Zielenski, had indicated a few years ago that he had planned on updating it, so now that the iOS eleven jailbreaks are out, we might in the end get that replace.

But till then, just notice that your mileage may range. While the tweak helps each custom text and symbol, we could simplest get trademarks running on an iOS eleven jailbreak.

Step 1 Install Zeppelin

To get commenced, open the Cydia app for your iPhone and faucet on the magnifying glass icon inside the decrease right to get admission to its search feature.

Once within the seek page, type “zeppelin” inside the seek field, then tap on the first result offering a yellow energy drill icon. You’ll be taken to the Details web page for Zeppelin. Tap on “Install” in the top right to proceed with the setup.

Afterward, hit “Confirm” in the top right to finalize the setup. The tweak will now be downloaded onto your tool. So sit down lower back and look forward to the process finishing. Select “Restart SpringBoard” after it’s done to respring your iPhone and end installing the tweak.

Step 2 Open Zeppelin & Pick a Logo

You’re now loose to change your iPhone’s provider to a custom logo. So open the Settings app, then scroll down and pick out “Zeppelin” on the principal web page.

Be sure to permit the tweak with the aid of placing the “Enabled” toggle to the on function. Along with theme choice, you furthermore may have the option of tapping “Carrier Text”. At the top proper corner of the display screen to go into a customized text to update the provider’s call.

Unfortunately, the custom “Carrier Text” function on Zeppelin didn’t sign in at the jailbroken iPhone SE and iPhone eight we used to test the tweak on. Regardless, it is nevertheless well worth trying out on your device — the worst which could happen is your custom textual content now not appearing.

Moving on to the subject matter phase, Zeppelin gives you a complete 22 custom trademarks to select from. Starting from “Abstergo” to “Beats by using Dre” or even trademarks for Android and Windows.

The great part of the tweak is its ability to permit you to right away change out custom emblems at will — without the need to restart your device every time you switch logos.

If you ever need to revert to your iPhone’s authentic service call. However, you’ll want to uninstall Zeppelin from your tool.

This method isn’t always as simple as deleting a regular app and entails going into Cydia and eliminating the tweak from there by deciding on “one of the better Modify,” and then “Uninstall” from the menu spark off. If you want a greater particular manual on this procedure, be sure to go over to the hyperlink underneath.

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Step 3 Install Icon Packs for Even More Options (Optional)

One obvious dilemma for Zeppelin is its somewhat limited choice of custom trademarks. Which may get tiring very fast.

Luckily, you have got a ton of custom trademarks that you may deploy way to a massive collection of logo packs located within Cydia. Once once more, carry out a look for ” one of the better zeppelins” inside Cydia as you did back inside the first step.

There are hundreds of icon packs will choose from — starting from well-known vehicle manufacturers to famous cartoons and sports activities groups — and the list is going on.

With the sheer type of to-be-had logo packs, probabilities are. There may be a Zeppelin icon percentage that fits your interest. To further narrow down your seek, upload your query, inclusive of Pokémon, MLB, etc. Along “zeppelin” to get to your goal faster.

If you’re a big NFL football aficionado, as an example, the kind “zeppelin NFL,” faucet on the seek end result. Set up its icon %, and set up the package as highlighted inside the first step.

Once it’s hooked up, the custom icons will robotically populate inside the “Themes” segment in Zeppelin. So head over to the tweak and browse through. The newly arrived selection of football group emblems to select your favorite team.

With the large selection of Zeppelin brand programs to be had in Cydia. There’ll naturally be a few emblem packs accessible that might not be paintings.

Unfortunately, there’s no actual manner to check aside from putting it in. Checking within Zeppelin if the icons grow to be available. That said, we endorse immediately uninstalling any non-purposeful logo packs to shop space and maintain your smartphone safe typically.

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