Most Popular Webinar Platforms in 2022

Webinar Platforms

In these times of digitalisation where everything is going on the internet and over a virtual world, webinar platforms as a tool for helping many people and businesses. For many reasons, online webinars are used throughout the world, primarily for training, lectures, marketing, and even team meetings.

The use of webinars online is not limited to this but also for many big organisations with multiple offices and when connecting with people, clients and others from different areas, which is not possible physically, can be done here. which somehow makes it quintessential to research and rely on good and reliable interactive webinar platforms.

Today here on this blog, we are going to list some of the most popular webinar platforms in 2022.

The Most Popular Webinar Platforms For All Your Needs!


As the name itself suggests, cast your dreams. This platform helps you to utilise many customisation options and make it an interactive webinar platform. There are a variety of customization options you can choose for your next webcast. These include unlimited streaming with hooting, clapping, and emoticons; interactive audience interaction in real-time with multi-device support; real-time analytics; and others.

With the most recent technological advancements and live webinar software, it’s simple to use and allows you to reach out to an audience all over the world to ensure your webinar is successful. Because of its flexibility and user-friendly design, you can rely on this platform to host any kind of webinar.


We are all already familiar with Zoom for meetings and calls. However, it’s an excellent option for webinars. Zoom allows you to host a small webinar with a limited number of guests at no cost. However, it charges for the larger one. It focuses on the presenter’s video instead of slides, allowing greater interaction with the audience. Additionally, it makes use of virtual backgrounds and studio effects, as well as specially designed live support for events. Additionally, you can record your webinar here, which can be used as an On-demand webinar whenever you want.

It is a simple yet attractive webinar platform. It’s among the most recent platforms in the market, but it has proven to have a lot of advantages in matching the corporate image by using fonts, colours, and backgrounds that you can select based on your preferences. It also has an online webinar service that is accessed via a browser, meaning there’s no requirement to upload a video, as it will be accessed directly.


A fantastic webinar platform that runs on both mobile and PC gadgets. It has a modern interface and straightforward controls. It’s a great tool for live videos for those who wish to host scheduled or live events streaming that assist them in achieving their lead generation goals.

Content sharing for videos and slideshows is also possible on this platform. It’s beneficial to offer participants the possibility of using their microphones and webcams to provide an enhanced experience. Additionally, poll presentations and handouts as well as call-to-action buttons on the platform could be used to make your audience more engaged.


Zoho is a web-based hosting and video conferencing platform. Using their free plan offers a few features that can be improved by paid plans. It’s a solid platform for webinars for startups and small-sized businesses. It also has a variety of strong capabilities for meetings in the company, as well as team collaboration and demonstrations of the product.


It is a user-friendly webinar platform that is designed for effective marketing and selling. One of the useful features of this live webinar platform is pop-up CTAs that appear during the webinar and make it simple for attendees to make a purchase. Additionally, the “Replica Replays” feature lets you replay the webinar. For instance, if anyone from the attendees asks a question which you already covered then replay the same clip.


What you need from a webinar platform will depend on your objectives, target audience, financial constraints, and other aspects. There are many aspects that an organisation has to think about before opting for any webinar services. For example, you have to understand if you are going to use that platform for marketing objectives or if it is just going to be for training purposes.

The thing is that for marketing and promotion webinars you need to do lots of customisation of logos, fonts, colour, interface and interaction formats too. This can’t be done with simple webinar services or platforms, but here is the good news is that ‘Dreamcast offers such customisation services.

When it comes to the number of attendees, platforms like ‘Demio’ can be the best bet, as they can accommodate up to thousands plus, while for small Zoom is fine. Your choice and selection of a webinar platform are crucial, so it is highly recommended to opt after complete research and before choosing any, list down what you are looking for.

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