WhatsApp tricks: How to read messages without opening the chat?

read my whatsapp messages offline

read my whatsapp messages offline

Whatsapp is a platform which is used by a large number of users all across the world and this is because of the amazing and fantastic features which it offers to its users.

Reading whatsapp messages without opening chat 

If you are using Whatsapp then you must have wondered at some point of time that it would be great if you could read messages without even opening the chat. This can be useful for you as there might be some messages which you want to read but do not want to reply immediately.

Well, it is possible you can read the messages from the chat without blue tick but for this you need to try some very easy ways about which you will get to know in this blog. So, without wasting anytime let us begin to know how to read whatsapp messages without opening whatsapp

Ways to read messages without opening chat


Method no. 1 – From notification bar 

The first way is very easy in which you can read the messages from the notifications bar and it is very easy, but for this you need to see if the notifications option is enabled for Whatsapp or not.

To turn on the notifications you need to open whatsapp app on you device and then move to the settings tab.

Following this you need to look for notifications option and tap on it once you find it.

Under notifications you need to turn on show notifications option and also show preview which you will find after scrolling down.

After exiting the app you will not be able to read messages through notification after scrolling down.

Method no. 2 – Using Widgets to read messages 

To know how to read my whatsapp messages without blue tick you can use widget for which you need to first long press on the home screen of you device and then bring to menu page.

Now you need to tap on widgets where you will be able to see shortcuts from where you need to locate whatsapp.

Now, from the various widgets provided to you, you need to opt for 4 X 1 Whatsapp widget and can get text messages on whatsapp without blue tick.

To know more ways which might be helpful for you in getting to read the messages without even opening the chat you need to access the website ityug247 which will help you in this purpose. The site has all necessary information which will surely be helpful for you.

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