Total Economic Impact (TEI) of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance

Dynamics 365 Finance.

Dynamics 365 Finance.

Microsoft commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate the economic impact of Dynamics 365 Finance.

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system has become a critical force for growth-oriented businesses. Here are the results shared by the TEI study performed by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Microsoft. The study shares the likely ROI that enterprises may realize by implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance.

Dynamics 365 Finance

Dynamics 365 Finance leverages the power of Microsoft cloud to drive operational efficiency and financial performance while safeguarding existing investments. Enterprises can use real-time insights to business bottom line and automation capabilities to accelerate productivity. Seamless integration with other Microsoft technologies ensure organizations can achieve their business goals. Organizations can reduce additional recruitment, burden on employees, and modernize systems.

Forrester Consulting Study

The study by Forrester consulting provides you a framework to evaluate, the likely financial impact of D365 Finance within your business. Forrester interviewed four companies that are using Dynamics 365 Finance. As per them, prior to using D365, they were hindered by their on-premises, customized finance ERP solutions. Their employees met trouble going through manual processes while organizations lacked real-time insights and the flexibility to keep up with the growth in the market.

Moving to Dynamics 365 Finance Cloud gave them the fresh lease of life by providing more opportunities. Moreover, they have become better at making quality decisions from real-time insights and gained the agility to succeed in ever-changing market conditions. Now the financial processes were optimized, infrastructure costs have been reduced, gained employee productivity and maximized growth.

Important Findings of the Forrester Consulting Study

Based on real-world interviews with four organizations, there have been improvements in finance staff productivity, IT staff productivity, legacy cost savings and other benefits.

Improvement in Productivity of Finance Staff

Prior to Dynamics 365 Finance, interviewees stated that the staff has suffered productivity through manual processes such as manual report creation and distribution. This means that the financial processes required more staff. Moreover, with the legacy Finance ERP systems, the standardization of the processes was almost impossible.

Migrating to Dynamics 365 Finance helped organizations to standardize and streamline financial processes across locations. In addition, these organizations leverage real-time information to make better financial decisions, and ultimately improve finance staff productivity. This resulted in avoiding adding more headcounts to the processes. This resulted in approximately $2.3 million in productivity savings.

Improvement in Productivity of IT Staff

Moving from on-premises legacy systems to cloud-based D365 Finance improved the productivity of IT staff. Actually the interviewed organizations had faced several challenges with the legacy finance ERP systems. On the flip side, organizations had to spend a lot on customization to maintain the functionality. Spending too much on resources and expertise has become challenging.

By streamlining with Dynamics 365 Finance, these organizations considerably reduced the IT spending on customization and other things. D365 Finance can provide more functionality and capabilities that modern businesses need, so there is only a need for some customization.

Savings on Legacy Costs

D365 Finance has enabled organizations to save on infrastructure and other support costs that would have been incurred with their legacy ERP systems. The move to D365 helped them to reduce infrastructure expenses, redundant ERP costs across locations, financial auditing spending, and scaling costs. Keeping away from such costs resulted in savings of approximately $3.52 million over three years.

Unquantified Benefits

Provides visibility and access to real-time data: Dynamics 365 Finance improve organization’s finance decision making by providing visibility and access to accurate real-time data. It also helps to improve business agility.

Business continuity: Dynamics 365 Finance in the cloud is more stable than legacy on-premise systems. This means organizations don’t have to worry about the possibility of disruptions to finance and other processes.

Enhanced regulatory compliance: Dynamics 365 Finance decreases financial complexity and risk, helping organizations to accelerate global expansion by adapting to the changing regulatory needs.

Productivity of finance staff: Through the automation of various tedious and repetitive finance processes. The organization’s finance personnel productivity will be enhanced and can focus on other critical decision making processes.

Integration with other Microsoft Solutions: Dynamics 365 Finance is easily integrated with Microsoft solutions like Microsoft 365, Microsoft Power Platform, other Dynamics 365 apps and third-party apps.


Dynamics 365 subscription fees: Organizations have to subscribe Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance based on per-user or per-month basis.

Implementation and support: The organization team up with an experienced Microsoft Partner to plan, deploy and support its D365 Finance implementation.

Considering the immense benefits of this Financial Management Software from Microsoft, you can make a transition from your on-premises legacy ERP to Dynamics 365 Finance cloud.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance is a standard financial ERP solution you can implement to improve finance performance and business growth. Finance insights, automation and along with various other new functionalities, the solution helps you stay on top of your finance processes, enabling you thrive in a challenging business environment. Automation frees up your financial team’s time to focus on other vital financial activities. This enhances workforce productivity and maximizes revenue.

Dynamics 365 Implementation partner plays a crucial role. Therefore, it is very important to choose a reliable Microsoft Gold partner. That can plan and implement Dynamics 365 Finance as per your business financial requirements.

Their D365 Finance consultants helps you choose a right plan and provide customization and integration if necessary. If your business is in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Jordan, Kenya, Germany, Canada, Pakistan, or India, there are few Microsoft Dynamics365 Partners whom you can trust.

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