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Texecom Smartcom

Texecom Smartcom

Ethernet and Wifi Communicator Texecom

Any Premier Elite control panel may be connected to a local area network using the Texecom Connect SmartCom, an Ethernet and WIFI communicator that simplifies the Texecom Connect experience. You may take direct control of your home and security with Texecom Connect. When used in conjunction with the Premier Elite Series, the company’s flagship security system.

You may operate your security system remotely from anywhere in the globe, receive notifications of system occurrences, and keep an eye on cameras or activities. The Texecom Connect SmartCom communicates only via outbound connections, eliminating the need to open any router ports and assuring optimum security and ease of installation.

As a result, Texecom Connect may provide benefits to any installation with a dependable internet connection with the inclusion of the Texecom Smartcom.

What is SmartCom?

The Premier Elite product range is updated with the SmartCom Ethernet and Wifi Intelligent Communicator, allowing clients to upgrade their systems using cloud technologies. Any Premier Elite panel with firmware version 4.0 or later can be linked to the Marcom Ethernet and Wifi Communicator.

The panel powers the Texecom Connect SmartCom, which may be put close to the panel. To allow Texecom Connect App connectivity, Texecom Monitor, remote programming, and site diagnostics through Texecom Cloud, the equipment is linked via two COM ports.

Ease of customers

Customers now have access to a new generation of straightforward connectivity thanks to the Texecom Connect SmartCom. With the development of cloud technologies, Texecom created SmartCom to modernize the Premier Elite product line and make it possible for clients to upgrade their systems.

When the firmware is updated to Version 4.0, the SmartCom may be linked to any Premier Elite panel. The SmartCom can be put within or next to the panel and is powered by the panel.

To allow connectivity for the Texecom Connect App, ARC reporting, and Wintex’s UDL support, the device is linked through two COM ports. SmartCom is required to utilize the Texecom Connect App; it is incompatible with other communicators.

Texecom Smartcom

The Texecom Connect SmartCom ensures optimal security and ease of installation by eliminating the need to open any router ports. As a result, with the inclusion of the Texecom Connect SmartCom, any installation that has a trustworthy internet connection can profit from Texecom Connect.

Hilook turbo HD camera

Are you trying to find excellent performance at a reasonable price? HiLook is the entry-level brand for video surveillance from Hikvision, providing products and services for small and medium-sized projects that are incredibly high-quality, user-friendly, and trustworthy.

For a range of applications, including residential and retail spaces, hotels, mid-sized businesses, gas stations, educational facilities, and residential areas, to mention a few, HiLook provides customizable, high-quality CCTV systems.

For individuals with limited funds who don’t want to compromise on quality. Or adherence to safety and regulatory requirements, HiLook is the ideal choice. The high-resolution imaging and analytics technology from Hikvision is the foundation of the Hilook Turbo HD Camera series.

HiLook does not, however, provide a broad variety of intelligent capabilities. If you actually need to employ features like intrusion detection, item removal left luggage, and people counting. You will need to get a more potent Hikvision model. However, HiLook is a great substitute for a number of straightforward monitoring needs.

HiLook Performs at a High Level

Any person looks at a surveillance CCTV camera’s performance as their first priority. Is the video sufficiently clear? Can faces be captured without becoming blurry? Does the streaming have excellent quality? Will there be a noticeable lag?

As a brand-new client, you have a lot of questions. All these questions are answered by the Hilook. Even in low light, the HiLook IP Cameras’ video quality is very clear. This enhances the significance of this camera usage.

CCTV Features

Sets come with a premium hybrid video recorder and four TURBO HD video cameras. cameras with a resolution of 2.0 MP with fixed-focal-length cameras. The IR-led technology used in video cameras allows for visual monitoring even in complete darkness.

Bullet cameras can be utilized outside or in cold-weather structures. Video can be continuously recorded, on a schedule, or when motion is detected. It is feasible to install 24-hour video monitoring. It will help you to keep your place safe and under surveillance.

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