Which router is better for fast Internet

improve internet speed

improve internet speed

How to improve Internet speed and Wifi signal? tips to improve internet speed. Do you want to improve your Internet speed or Wifi signal? Doesn’t the Internet reach your room? We tell you the possible reasons and we give you some tricks to solve them.

Why is my Wifi speed slow? Tips to improve Internet speed and Wifi signal. Hasn’t it worked? Check the Internet coverage of your home. Why is my Wifi speed slow?

Not receiving a good Internet connection in your room, or anywhere else in the house, is annoying and a source of anger. It can happen because the Wi-Fi signal is lost before reaching your devices for different reasons and this makes your Internet speed slow:

As you can see, it is not always the fault of the contracted telephone company. It is up to you to improve the speed of your Wi-Fi, and the reception quality of its signal, by applying a series of improvements and tips that we explain in the following sections.

Tips to improve the speed of the Internet and the Wi-Fi signal of your router. After knowing the most common reasons that can make your Internet not reach your room or be slow, we leave you some tips to increase the speed of your Internet and improve the Wi-Fi signal.

However, the first step is to perform two-speed tests on your Wi-Fi: first using a wireless connection and then connecting your computer to the router with an Ethernet cable. In this way, you will be able to control what Wifi signal you have at all times and if the advice is effective.

Place the router properly

Where to put the Wifi router? It is the key point since its correct location can increase the Internet signal throughout the home:

Put the router in an elevated position

Move it away from other electrical appliances that may cause interference

Do not place the router near obstacles, such as walls or doors, that make it difficult for the signal to expand

If you have them, point the antennas of your router upwards, vertically

Usually, at the time of installation, technicians take into account the distribution of the home and recommend locating the router in a central part of the home so that the Wi-Fi network reaches all the rooms. However, on many occasions, this is not possible because their installation and location depend on cables. It is important that you make sure that the device is well connected and works correctly. The lights on the router will help you know.

Change the channel of your router

Routers generally have multiple channels, and if you notice interference from other technology equipment or objects (such as cordless phones) in signal reception, a good resource to try is changing the channel. This is possible by changing your router settings. We explain the step by step:

Access your browser and enter the URL of your gateway. Normally it will be

Enter the configuration with the username and password that you will find on one of the stickers on your router. Usually responds to “admin”

Select the properties for wireless connection (Wireless). Search the channels and choose the one you want and save the changes. You can find the channel of your router that will offer you the best features with the Wifi Analyzer tool.

Better a 5GHz connection than a 2.4 GHz

If your router is modern and has little time, searching for your Wi-Fi network will give you the option to connect your devices to two different networks: a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi connection and a 5 GHz Wi-Fi connection. The 5 GHz connection offers better performance and higher speed: 867 Mbps compared to the 60 Mbps that 2.4 GHz allows. However, this type of connection is recommended when the home is not very large and all the devices are at a close distance. of the router.

For large surfaces, 2.4 GHz is better. If you are not sure if you have this option, in most cases, the company’s technician usually mentions this option during the installation, but you can also check it on the sticker located on the back of the device. The devices you connect to your router (computers, mobile phones, tablets, etc.) must be compatible with this type of connection. If the equipment is modern there should be no problem.

Avoid network saturation. Are they stealing the Internet from you?

The connection speed offered by your router is shared by all the devices.  That is connected to the device in the same space or address. This means that when you are browsing the Internet or downloading/uploading. Some type of file from different devices at the same time, the Internet speed decreases.

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