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Articles should be at least 1,000 words in length and provide extensive coverage of the topic.

The standard of quality of submitted guest posts should be high. Write something completely unique that addresses the needs of your intended readers to increase the likelihood of publication.


Visuals should be included to help convey your message, not included just because. Include a screenshot if you’re going to be writing a tutorial. If you’re stuck for conversation starters, browse Flickr for some inspiration.


We welcome video bloggers to share their work on our official YouTube channel. Make a video, get in touch with us, and we’ll explain the submission process.


You will be permanently banned from Goknowl and have all of your blog posts and profile deleted if we discover that you have plagiarised content from another website. When you submit a blog post to us, you give us the rights to publish it. This is big assistance in resolving any DMCA issues that may arise.


Conversations regarding your published material will take place in the comments section. Don’t ignore questions asked about your content in the comments section; respond to them as soon as possible. Increased visibility and support for your work’s audience is the result.


We believe in the inherent dignity of the individual, therefore if you’re going to use an idea that’s similar to someone else’s, please give them due credit. Your own photographs used in a blog post are subject to the same rules. If credit is due, please give it.

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